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November 16, 2021

FP Senior Medical Advisor Brenus Pharma FICHE DE POSTE LEAD MEDICAL AFFAIRS…

Interview Magazine Information Entreprise, octobre 2021.
November 8, 2021

Nouvelle interview disponible de Brenus, sortie en octobre, dans les kiosks. L’interview…


Our vision

Brenus Pharma is committed to high unmet medical needs in oncology.

Brenus Pharma develops a discovery platform, scalable to generate allogeneic cell vaccines for immunotherapy of solid tumours rare or frequent, thanks to our industry experience.

Brenus Pharma shares data with academics and is proud to be supported by top  experts in immuno-oncology and vaccines from top cancer institutes. 

Brenus Pharma delivered robust preclinical efficacy and safety results for its lead candidate in mCRC. Brenus Pharma gets prepared for regulatory approvals of manufacturing and clinical application to speed-up Phase 1/2 basket trial in EU and US.

Brenus Pharma

2 triangular shields as a symbol of our barrier to cancer :

Representativity optimized by 3 Master Cell Banks

Antigenicity increased by Tumor Associated Antigens, Tumor Specific Antigens and Resistance Factors

Immunogenicity enhanced by chemical tagging

Tumor Micro-Environment to be targeted

Immune system to be activated

Actual treatments to be potentialized

Our leadership

Founders have created the company with a core multidisciplinary team composed of three executives highly skilled in life-cycle of biologics to support scientific, pharmaceutical, operational and business developments. In 2021, Brenus Pharma will develope its executive team and is building its International Scientific Board and its Business Board for EU and US.
Jacques Gardette
Chief Executive Officer

J Gardette is the Chief Executive Officer of Brenus Pharma.

J Gardette is a visionary entrepreneur with 6 successful companies created, most of them in healthcare, either Biotech and Medtech.

He recently created Biocorp, innovative medtech pioneering in digital health with pharmaceutical or connected devices to help chronic diseases management. Biocorp is listed on Alternext.

With Dr Pinteur, he created Brenus Pharma to address uncovered medical needs in immunotherapy for resistant cancers, based on a breakthrough patented and scalable technology of Stimulated Tumor Cells.

Benoit Pinteur, Pharm D
Chief Scientific Officer in charge of the technical and pharmaceutical development of STC-1010 program

Dr. Pinteur is specialized in Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product development and particularly on cells and immunotherapies approaches. Co-Founder and Qualified Person of the CDMO Bio Elpida, Dr Pinteur has also strong knowledge on manufacturing and GMPs.

He has over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry including Schering-Plough, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Pierre Fabre.

He received his Doctor of Pharmacy with distinction from Joseph Fourier University at Grenoble in France.

Sebastien Petitet, MSc
Chief Business Development Officer in charge of the valorization of technology and products

Sebastien Petitet got key roles in European launchs of ATMP like 1st Triple in HIV, 1st MAB in colorectal cancer, 1st ERT, 1st Autologous Stem Cell therapy, and 1st Gene-therapy.

He acquired expertise within oncology and rare diseases area in Commercial, Medical and Market Access functions for GSK, Merck, Roche or Genzyme.

He passed MSc in Biochemistry at Medicine School of Clermont-Fd (France) and investigated digestive tract at TNO (The Netherlands).

Paul Bravetti, Pharm D, MSc.
Chief Operational Officer and is responsible for the company global development operations.

Paul is specialized in medical oncology and brings his strong experience in big pharma companies including Roche Pharmaceuticals, Servier International and Takeda Oncology, serving in both Medical Affairs, Marketing and Commercial functions. In his past experiences, Dr Bravetti led to successful launches of innovations in several disease areas including Melanoma, Lung cancer and Bio-molecular diagnosis across EU and Asia.

He received his Doctor of Pharmacy with a specialization in Clinical Oncology from Lorraine University in France and he completed his graduate work at HEC Paris achieving Master of Science degree in Intelligence Marketing.

François Ghiringhelli, MD, PhD, Professor of Oncology Genetic and Immunotherapy
Independant Advisor - Director of the Scientific Board

François Ghiringhelli (MD, PhD) is Full Professor of Oncology Genetic and Immunotherapy. Department of Medical Oncology, Director of early clinical unit CLIPP2 and head of “Cancer and adaptative immune response” team, INSERM/CLIPP2 network/CGFL Dijon, France; ASCO, ESMO presenter. 341 international articles, Index H: 57; 20 000 citations.

& Collaborations

We are developing partnerships with academic renown experts in cancer and immunology to secure scientific and clinical development. We plan first patient to be treated by STC-1010 in a clinical Phase 1 trial setting by early 2022.

BioElpida® : French laboratory certified by the French Health Authorities (ANSM) as a Pharmaceutical Company and authorised to manufacture Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients for experimental biological pharmaceutical, Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product and a CDMO with strong expertise in cell culture, innovative cell therapy and immunology for pre-clinical or clinical development

Transcure® : a CRO specialized in humanized mice models for cancer, infectious, inflammation and vaccines to move forward to close-to-human proof of efficacy and further characterization of mechanism of action

Antineo®  : CRO specialized in POC in vivo in oncology


BPI : French Public investment bank for a grant to support our Innovation program.

Scientific and clinical experts

IRCM : Academic experts in Drug Resistance in CRC. To improve scientific characterization of its first therapeutic candidate, we are setting close collaborations with research team based in Montpellier (IRCM) focussing in colorectal cancer on:
– Transcriptome analysis to define signatures correlated with drug responses and identify new target.
– Synthetic lethality screening to identify new factors involved in chemoresistance in colorectal cancer
– Autophagy and mitophagy as a determinant of drug resistance in colorectal canc

Hospital of Lyon : early phase expert team, the academic staff of Pr Benoit You (part of CITOHL,Hospices Civiles de Lyon, France). This institution ran 169 clinical trials in 2018 with a focus on phase1 or phase2 trials.

Renape : French network for CRC with carcinosis