🔔 Project Update | Allogenix Consortium 🔔

Our Oncology and Immunology team spent a productive day with our 🤝 partners from InSphero, during which they discussed the progress of the joint Allogenix consortium.

🚀 Launched in November 2022 with a duration of 3 years, the project, funded by the EUROSTARS Programme, aims to develop a companion test for the next-generation cancer cell immunotherapy STC-1010.

❗️STC-1010 is the 1st asset from Brenus Pharma‘s unique STC “off-the-shelf” discovery platform (Stimuated-Tumor-cells : Shared Stimulated & Haptenized Cancer related proteins) targeting colorectalcancer

🤩 We are thrilled to report promising preliminary results, which have fuelled the advancement to the next development stage.

🤝 It’s a true pleasure collaborating with the experts from InSphero, as we work together to pursue the ambitious goal of developing a❗️first-in-class allogeneic cell vaccine against cancer❗️

🔜 Stay tuned for more updates from the Allogenix project contributors: Benoit Pinteur, George Alzeeb, lionel Chalus, Léa Perles, Wolfgang Moritz, Irina Agarkova, Laure-Anne Ligeon, Simon Stroebel, PhD, Michał Rudnik, Maja Nedic, Marion Bavand, Marion Brun, Jan Lichtenberg, Paul Edgard Clémençon, Madhu Lal Nag, MBS PhD

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