We are excited to highlight the graduates of the CDL-Global AdvancedTherapies and Cancer streams this year. A big round of applause to the dedication of the ventures throughout the program. These companies are at the forefront of innovation in healthtech and are set to make a significant impact in the industry.

CDL-Global Streams are supported by multiple sites, attracting top ventures and mentors from around the world. In the 2023/24 program cycle, CDL-Vancouver supported the Advanced Therapies Stream, in conjunction with CDL-Oxford, CDL-Toronto, and CDL-Wisconsin with founding partner CCRM as well as the Cancer Stream, in partnership with CDL-Toronto with founding partner Société canadienne du cancer.

Advanced Therapies Stream Graduates
CereCura Nanotherapeutics, ForCell, Full Circles Therapeutics Inc., HDAX Therapeutics, HHC medical, Lilium Therapeutics, Mechano-Therapeutics LLC, MetaStem Therapeutics, Modulari-T Bio, MyoGene Bio, Noa Therapeutics, Pando Bioscience (YC W23)

Cancer Stream Graduates
Aperture Bio, Brenus Pharma, Case45, Concarlo Therapeutics, Encapsulate, NuvoBio, Oncoelectronics, OrisDX, Oxford Cancer Analytics, Realyze Intelligence