“Two enlightening days at the Sachs Associates 23rd BIOTECH IN EUROPE FORUM have left me both proud and inspired. 📈

Being part of the “Major advances in immuno-oncology” panel, we delved deep into this year’s progress in this ever-evolving field with a palpable excitement around clinical data, science insights, and the promising directions we’re heading with such approaches.

🔬While we’re making strides with innovative therapies and tools, the ultimate focus remains on translating these into tangible patient benefits.

Our shared mission remains to emphasized the pivotal role of understanding the nuanced biology and ensuring it aligns with patient needs. Every step of our work is aimed at optimizing efficacy while also managing expectations, and manufacturing challenges. ☑️

Many thanks to Esteban Pombo-Villar, and Hans Herklots for chairing, and Gerben Moolhuizen, Luc Boblet, Pascal Neuville, Seth Goldblum with whom I had the pleasure of sharing this discussion.

Lastly, thank you to the SACHS for their hosting and organization. Such moments solidify my belief in the bright future of immuno-oncology and biotechnology 🟣”

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