Dr F. Ghiringhelli

MD, PhD Head of “Cancer and adaptative immune response” INSERM, CGFL (Centre de lutte contre le cancer Georges François Lecrec) Dijon. (FR) Head of the Board

Dr I. Melero

MD, PhD Head of translational immunotherapy research. CIMA (Centro de Investigation Medical Aplicada), Navarra. (SP) Cancer Research Editorial Board Member.

Pr A. Italiano

MD, PhD Head of Early-phase trials units; Head of Precision medicine new program. Gustave Roussy, Cancer Campus Grand Paris (FR) ; Bergnonié Institute, UNICANCER Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Bordeaux. (FR)

Pr A. Eggermont

MD, PhD Head of Clinical & Translational Immunotherapies. UMC (University MC), Utrecht (NL); Chief Scientific Officier. Pediatric oncology center Princessa Maxima, Utrecht. (NL) Past President of EORTC, ECCO, of the European Academy of Cancer Sciences. Past CEO Gustave Roussy. Eur J Cancer Editor in Chief

Pr M. Yarchoan

MD Associate Pr. of Medical Oncology at The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center. Johns Hopkins, Baltimore. (USA)

Pr A. Awada

MD, PhD Head of Oncology medicine Dept. Jules Bordet Institute-HUB, Brussel. (BE) & Board member Oncodistinct clinical and translational research network, ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology) active member. Expertise in new drugs development


Brenus’ manufacturing process overpasses the lack of immunogenicity & educates the immune system  with visible and multi-specific targets


Selection criteria of starting material (Allogeneic tumor cell lines)

  • Representative oncogenic drivers (TP53,BRAF,KRAS,…)
  • Cold & hot tumor cell lines
  • Resistances capacities (metabolic ; chemical & physical)

Increase antigenicity

Brenus’ manufacturing process overpasses the lack of antigenicity & educates the immune system  with broad & higher quality range of tumor antigens