PharmD Stéphane Loze is a highly experienced healthcare professional with over 20 years of experience in the field. He currently serves as an Administrator for Angels Santé and a Board Member for the French Society of Predictive & Personalized Medicine (SFMPP). Prior to this, he was the Head of Strategy & Therapeutic units at Roche […]


Hervé Gisserot is an experienced business leader with a strong track record in the pharmaceutical industry. He is currently the General Manager of CSL Vifor and was previously the President of LEEM (French Pharma Association) and CEO of GSK France. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field, and is committed to […]


(PharmD, LL.M, MBA) Pierre is currently the CEO of MRGN Advisors, Executive VP of CanSino Biologics,  Resgional partners at Merieux Equity Partners; Board Chairman and Non-Executive Director at Univercells. He has a strong background in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, with expertise in business development, strategic planning, and regulatory affairs.


Laurence Comte Arassus is an experienced business leader with a proven track record of success in the  healthcare and medical  device industries. She currently serves as General Manager of GE Healthcare (FBFA zone) and Administrator of  IHU Ican, Vice President of  SNITEM, and Board Member of  GS1 France. She is also the former President of  […]


Brenus’ manufacturing process overpasses the lack of immunogenicity & educates the immune system  with visible and multi-specific targets


Selection criteria of starting material (Allogeneic tumor cell lines)

  • Representative oncogenic drivers (TP53,BRAF,KRAS,…)
  • Cold & hot tumor cell lines
  • Resistances capacities (metabolic ; chemical & physical)

Increase antigenicity

Brenus’ manufacturing process overpasses the lack of antigenicity & educates the immune system  with broad & higher quality range of tumor antigens